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Horse Speak is a practical system specializing in the art and science of the micro-gestures of Precise Equine Body Language Skills (PEBLS) based on 20 years of evidence-based research with domestic and wild horses.

If you are visiting our website, you are likely the type of person who wants to go deeper into the relationship with your horse. We have taken the broadest scope of what is possible in Micro-Gestures, Postures, and Signals and distilled it down to the Essentials that horses are looking for from us.

Our research has revealed that 1 in 4 horses seek Protection and Safety Messages, 3 out of 4 horses struggle with Clarity, and 2 out of 4 need to have Boundaries defined and improved.

All the PEBLS are horse-centric. This means that the bulk of the research went into studying Nature vs. Nurture – how the influence of the Mother and later the Mentors of the herd coach teach and maintain peace and harmony in the herd. We have discovered that this Essential communication helps the herd maintain its unity.

Our Services provide a logical and gentle pathway to discovering not only WHAT your horse is trying to tell you – but HOW to talk with them in their language instead of expecting them to understand ours…

We offer ways to learn Horse Speak with books, videos, and online and in-person learning experiences that best fit your learning style.

Learn how to transform your body into a powerful and meaningful vehicle of Non-verbal communication…YOU ARE ENOUGH!

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