Greetings and Grooming from Germany

Photo by Gudrun Braun

Just coming from a four-day clinic with Sharon Wilsie in Germany – and still enchanted and full of gratitude. Sharon told us so many amazing stories about horses and their world, their way of experiencing the world. And although I pretended to know a lot about horses’ behavior, with Sharon I recognized very quickly the limits of my knowledge. She opened for us new doors, magic spaces, inspired by her observations and wisdom. With her on their side, the unfamiliar horses of the ranch became our patient teachers. Sharon is such a vivid and warm-hearted person, full of humor and passion for horses and humans. To look at her horsepeaking, imitating horses with her body and facial expressions, was great pleasure and fun at the same time.

Photo by Gudrun Braun

Sharon seems to have endless energy, switching between meditation, bodywork, deep calmness, observation and simultaneous translation of the horses’ conversations. She talked and laughed and danced with us all evening long, in spite of a cold she had.

Not to forget the tender support and presence of her wife Laura. Thank you so much, Sharon and Laura, “greetings and grooming”. Hoping to see you again.

October 14, 2019