My Rescue Horse Loves Your Book

Dear Sharon,

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Currently reading Horses in Translation and already it is helping me connect with my horse. Adamo (“Dom”) was part of the Wicomico, MD seizure of over 100 horses in March 2018. I adopted him three months ago. He is a 17 yr old Appy who was only gelded last year.

Although Dom is laid back and easy to handle, he has been extremely disengaged. Sort of a “meh, I don’t hate you, I am not afraid of you but could really care less about engaging with you” energy. I have just been spending time sitting in the pasture with him or grooming him. I always go up and greet horses with the knuckles out gesture and Dom rarely lifts his head up from grazing to return the greeting.

Then I started reading your book . . .

and trying to communicate in Dom’s language. Tonight, I tried to be the Sentry and he actually picked up his head and looked at me. Later he came over and greeted me. When I was leaving his pasture, Dom came over and nosed your book, then wiggled his lip on it several different times. His actions seemed so deliberate that it felt like he was telling me to keep reading your book! He had a light in his eyes and was very playful. You can imagine how much that made my heart sing.

Very grateful you have shared these amazing  lessons and your insights. You are a blessing for the horses and the people who truly care about them.

Best regards,

Susann G.