New Friends


I just had to share this because I knew you would appreciate the horse language going on here.  Friendly button to friendly button, breathing together.  What else?

Stride Ahead just adopted a retired horse from the Atlanta Mounted Patrol.  Jake’s first day at Little Creek was on Thursday.  I was with a small group who walked him out into the pasture to begin the initiation process of meeting his new herd members.

I captured this moment between Jake, on the left, and a gelding named Ink.  It is so awesome.

The more Horse Speak I know, the more and more I appreciate the intricate and lovely life of horses.  THANK YOU!

Nancy S

The Power of the Pointy Finger

I had the experience of watching Sharon in person at a clinic near Bend, Oregon. She was working with two horses in a large arena who were owned by a participant in the clinic.

One horse was calm and very receptive and responsive while the other was highly nervous, anxious, and had her attention divided between all the distractions of the audience and looking for reassurance from the other horse.

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