Private Consultations

Private Lessons, Phone and Video Chat

  • Private Sessions are available at Sharon’s farm in Westminster, VT and following some clinics
  • Private Consultations (60 minutes) with Sharon are available via phone or video chat. Contact us for rates and scheduling.

A testimonial from one of Sharon’s clients in Europe:

Hi Sharon Hi Laura,

Now I want to share my experiences with my Sams after our face time session. You have explained to me exactly what I have to pay attention to, you have given me the security that Sams me really loves even if I really had no idea about horses. I had already studied your book but to hear live what was right or wrong has completely changed our lives.

You have given me through this session again trust in my horse. No coach really got on with him. Sam would die rather than give up and I decided to let him be a horse. That we are on this road today is simply incredible! I could tell you nice new stories every day but the most wonderful story is that we are both a team now …

thank you thank you thank you
Kind Regards,
Sonja u Sams