Dog Speak Webinar

Dogs have an unparalleled ability to touch our hearts and become cherished companions. If you seek a deeper connection with your four-legged friend, transcending the conventional, then this webinar is tailor-made for you. Whether you're a seasoned dog trainer or a first-time dog owner, "Dog Speak - How to Live with Your Dog" is dedicated ... Read more

Early Spring in Wagonhoff, Germany

Goting Cliff GmbH & Co KG Birkenweg 37a, Wagenhof, Germany

Join Sharon and Laura Wilsie as they return to Goting Cliff Ranch in the village of Wagonhoff in Nothern, Germany. The topics of this clinic vary from Roles in the Herd to lead rope skills to riding. This clinic is different from most as the first day is full of theory and observation, and the ... Read more

Koblenz, Switzerland

Reitschule Eschbach Horsemanship Eichhaldenstrasse 23, 5322, Koblenz, Switzerland

More information about this clinic will be available soon. If you are interested in attending, please get in touch with Laura Wilsie -

Back to Bavaria, Germany

More Details about this clinic will be coming soon! Please get in touch with Laura Wilsie if you are interested in attending

Horse Speak All-Inclusive Retreat – Dubious, Wyoming

Bitterroot Ranch Dubois, WY, United States

Going to Dubious, Wyoming, and staying at Bitterroot Ranch is a life-changing experience. It is a week full of horses, fabulous food, and learning about Horse Speak with a side of Centered Riding. If you need to take a break from your everyday obligations for a private getaway or want to bring someone with you ... Read more

Summer Solstice Journey

Wilsie Way Farm Alstead, NH, United States

Bo looks forward to meeting you and taking you on a magical healing journey to start your summer of horse fun. He is the newest member of our herd, and every time he meets a new group of clinic attendees, Bo surprises us with a new activity that he facilitates..."Bo Knows!" Join Bo and the ... Read more

All-Inclusive Haltering Enrichment – Dubious, Wyoming

Bitterroot Ranch Dubois, WY, United States

Join Laura Wilsie, Co-founder of Horse Speak, on her 4th season of going to Dubious, Wyoming, and staying at Bitterroot Ranch. The horses in this photo are between the ages of 2 and 4, and it's time for them to learn about the halter and lead rope. This is a rare opportunity to apply Horse ... Read more

Back to Snohomish, Washington

From the Mother Farm Snohomish, WA, United States

From the Mother Farm is a special place for us and has been since our first visit in 2017. The quaint setting of the farm creates a special learning experience from our master horse teachers. For more information about this clinic and to register, please click the link below. If you have any questions, ... Read more

End of Summer Spree

Wilsie Way Farm Alstead, NH, United States

Jagger is Laura's horse who loves working with the clients who come to the house; the lessons she likes to teach most are the "One-Step" and the Power of Patience. Join Jagger and the rest of the herd for a joyful learning experience! If you would like to learn more about this clinic – CLICK ... Read more

Fall Foliage Festival

Wilsie Way Farm Alstead, NH, United States

Mommy was rescued 15 years ago, and she was untouchable. The triggers have lessened over the years, and now she helps open her human students' hearts. She is a very sensitive mare who gives the best lunging lessons and helps with intensity levels and navigating your X and O. Join Mommy and the rest of ... Read more

Hunter’s Moon Week

Wilsie Way Farm Alstead, NH, United States

Dakota, aka "Kota-B" or "Hey-B-B," is the herd's matriarch; she's a 24-year-old blind Appaloosa - Thorobred with a fantastic sense of humor and a precise teacher. She is a teacher at heart and does have expectations of her human students. She is a master at teaching Scanning the Horizon and micro-movements through your pelvis. Even ... Read more