Greeting and Personal Space

It was an eye opener for me several weeks ago when a friend brought up one of her friends to meet my mini donkeys as she was thinking about getting a donkey.

Knowing they were horse people I was a bit less vigilant as they went into the pasture – I figured they were able to read body language and keep themselves safe. As I watched them make a beeline for the donkeys – it was so obvious to me, and to my horses and donkeys, although not intentional at all, this interaction was so disrespectful and rude. No greeting and no recognition of personal space. Yes – this was a mirror of how I acted just a few short months ago.

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The Power of the Pointy Finger

I had the experience of watching Sharon in person at a clinic near Bend, Oregon. She was working with two horses in a large arena who were owned by a participant in the clinic.

One horse was calm and very receptive and responsive while the other was highly nervous, anxious, and had her attention divided between all the distractions of the audience and looking for reassurance from the other horse.

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