Host A Clinic

In large part, the horses determine the flow of a Horse Speak clinic, making each clinic a unique experience based on what the horses bring to it.  Sharon has learning objectives for participants, but the horses lead the way.  Sharon’s teaching is based on what the individual horses presenting in the moment and the experience level of the participants.  

We prefer to use the facility’s horses during clinics for Sharon’s demonstrations and for clinic participants’ learning and practice.  

Clinic Options

Clinic Length

  • 3 days
  • 4 days
  • 3 days with a day of private sessions


The number of hands-on participants is usually limited to 8. Exceptions may be made for an experienced group.

Important Clinic Information


  • We strongly urge hands-on participants to read Horse Speak The Equine Human Translation Guide and watch Horse Speak: First Conversations DVD before attending the clinic.
  • Horses traveling onto the clinic site must be safe to be handled by all clinic participants. We prefer to work with the horses who live at the host facility.


  • Sharon welcomes auditors in all clinic formats. 
  • The number of auditors is determined by the clinic host.
  • A host may chose not to open a clinic to auditors if a more private, intimate setting is preferred.

Travel and Housing

  • Within the New England area travel fees are based on round-trip mileage. The first 25 miles are included and anything over that is $.50 per mile.
  • For clinics outside of New England, other travel expenses may apply, such as air-fare for Sharon and an assistant, lodging, and meals.

Contact us about Hosting a Clinic