You Can Learn Horse Speak!

Learning Horse Speak® is fun and you will see results immediately.  A few basic “vocabulary words”, a willingness to listen and an open heart are all you need to enter the conversation.  Horses are so willing to help us learn and they appreciate the smallest try.

We have written, audio, visual and hands-on learning tools so you can begin in the way most comfortable for you.

Clinics and Events

  • Check our Events schedule for upcoming clinics and other events.
  • Host a Clinic in your area.  We can help you with registration forms, financial planning, flyers, marketing and more.


Private Lessons, Phone and Video Chat

  • Private Sessions are available at Sharon’s farm in Westminster, VT and following some clinics
  • Private Consultations (60 minutes) with Sharon are available via phone or video chat. Contact us for details.

Online Courses

Books and DVDs

  • Horse Speak, the Equine-Human Translation Guide, Horses in Translation and Horse Speak, First Conversations DVD are available for purchase in our Books and DVDs Store.
  • Horse Speak has been translated into German, Dutch and Japanese will soon be available in French.

Additional Resources