You Can Learn Horse Speak®!

Learning Horse Speak is fun, and you will see results immediately.  A few essential “vocabulary words,” a willingness to listen, and an open heart are all you need to start a conversation.  Horses are willing to help us learn and appreciate the slightest try.

We have audio, visual, and hands-on learning tools to begin your Horse Speak journey in the most comfortable way.

The Horse Speak Academy

Sharon is a gifted, inspirational, and fun teacher. Our programs are packed with information and enriched with photos, videos, and diagrams that bring to life your learning experience.

Click on the image or link below for more details about our 12-week Building Your Foundation program and year-long program; Everything Means Something.

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The Horse Speak Club

Where Our Members Are the Stars!

The Horse Speak Club features videos members submit for interpretation, discussion, and coaching with Sharon and Laura. Members can access an extensive video library of 3 years of recordings and share experiences on our non-social media community.

Click on the image to learn more about the Club and how you can become a star too!

Clinics and Events

  • Check our Events schedule for upcoming clinics and other events.
  • Host a Clinic in your area.  We can help you with registration forms, financial planning, flyers, marketing, etc.

Private Coaching and Consultations

  • Private Consultations ( 45-minutes or 120-minutes) with Sharon are available via phone or video chat. Try Facetime with you and your horse! Learn more>

Books and DVDs

  • Horse Speak, the Equine-Human Translation Guide, Horses in Translation and Horse Speak, First Conversations DVD are available for purchase in our Books and DVDs Store.

Additional Resources

  • Visit Sharon’s YouTube channel for more free learning experiences, including horse conversations narrated by Sharon.
  • Click on the image below and be transferred to our new show on YouTube called Cracking the Horse Speak Code.