She lives the experience she desires to share.

“The best things in life are difficult to describe in simple terms because of the depth of the value. Horse Speak  cannot be condensed in a short testimonial because it speaks volumes—-literally, all around the world between horses and humans when they engage in what Sharon Wilsie teaches. Horse Speak is not merely a “system”, or a “process” or even a language, but the gift of developing an ability to experience deep communication with horses on a mutually engaging level. For communication to be effective and meaningful, it must be reciprocal. Sharon is a brilliant teacher because she lives the experiences she desires to share. I felt I had a good ability to connect with horses before I met Sharon and used practical knowledge and felt spiritual insights regularly, but learning Horse Speak  is helping me to embody the subtle world of horses in new and exciting ways every day. It has been thrilling for me to witness horses recognizing Sharon as a master teacher and friend. The value of what she is translating and teaching cannot be measured and is a powerful testimony to experiencing the peace within us so we can bring that forth in every area of our lives.”