Webinars and Online Courses

Sharon is a gifted and inspiring teacher. These lively webinars and courses are packed with information and enriched with photos and diagrams that bring to life the ideas being discussed.

All our webinars are recorded and become available as online courses. Webinar participants receive access to the recorded webinar and other materials to support their learning.

Webinar Series: Horse Speak in Motion

4 Sessions, January 15, 22, 29 and February 5, 2020
1 PM and 7 PM Eastern Time

Register at any time.  Recordings of any sessions you have missed will be sent to you.

All participants will receive access to video recordings of the webinar sessions and additional learning materials for each session.

In this series, Sharon will focus on the horse’s perspective on riding and being ridden and how Horse Speak can help riders to achieve relaxation, suppleness and bend.

  • Engaging the horse’s natural movement
  • Communication between horse and rider
  • Horse Speak applications to riding
  • Longeing
  • Building Courage
  • Suppleness and Bend
  • Balance and Rhythm in human and horse
  • Tacking Up
  • The Mounting Block

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Online Courses

The Fundamentals of Horse Speak

A series of 6 Sessions – $147

Plus applicable taxes

In this six lecture course Sharon Wilsie discusses and elaborates on the concepts revealed in her book, Horse Speak, the Equine-Human Translation Guide. The series of lectures also explores many topics, techniques and real-life Horse Speak stories that are not included in the book.

Sharon is a gifted and inspiring teacher. These lively lectures are packed with information and enriched with many photos and diagrams that illustrate the ideas being discussed.

Even if you have read the book, you will experience many ‘AH-HA!’ moments during the course as your understanding of Horse Speak becomes deeper and richer. If you have not read the book, this course will open your eyes to a new way of thinking about and interacting with horses.

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Coming Soon: Helping Troubled Horses with Horse Speak

What horse, living with humans, doesn’t have at least a few troubles ?

Horse Speak is perfectly suited for helping scared, frightened or traumatized horses heal.  Because many, if not all, of the troubles that horses have have been caused by humans, a truly healing experience must also involve humans.  With Horse Speak, we can offer horses this type of deep healing.

This course is for everyone.  It will help you recognize signs of stress and trauma in horses and give you an overall approach as well as specific tools to offer a healing experience.

Horse Speak for Equine Bodyworkers

Bodywork from the Horse’s Perspective

Horse Speak can greatly enhance an equine bodywork session by enabling you to quickly create rapport, establish yourself as safe and trustworthy in the horse’s eyes, see and understand messages the horse is sending, and show the horse that you are listening to what he has to say.

Horse Speak helps us understand bodywork from the Horse’s perspective and address his concerns in a language he understands. For equine bodyworkers, this can save lots of time in each session and improve results.

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Horse Speak for Equine Therapy Centers

In this course, Sharon focuses on how we can use Horse Speak to help prepare and support horses who work in the world of equine assisted therapy.

You will learn specific enrichment procedures and techniques that offer horses the same emotional empathy we are asking them to provide to therapy clients.

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Horse Speak for Equine Rescues

Learn how to help a horse feel safe with you.

The concepts and techniques taught in this course apply to all horses and their human caretakers.

You will learn strategies for communicating with horses, helping them to experience safety in your presence and build their ability to trust humans.

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Horse Speak in the Herd

Understanding Herd Dynamics

When we apply our knowledge of Horse Speak to observing a horses in a herd, we can gain great insight into the relationships among the horses in herd. We can see which horses are taking on which roles – Leader, Mentor, Joker, etc – and understand the social environment within a specific herd. We can see if a herd is healthy with a balance of personalities or perhaps is struggling with horses who have filled a gap but are not entirely secure in their role.

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